How a Designer Spends 24 Hours in Hudson, NY (Winter Edition)

How a Designer Spends 24 Hours in Hudson, NY (Winter Edition)

How a Designer Spends 24 Hours in Hudson, NY (Winter Edition)


Homepolish designer Amy Row gives you the ultimate guide to a getaway exploring the Hudson Valley.

Photos by Matt Johnson.

Homepolish designer Amy Row recently moved from bustling New York City to its tucked-away upstate neighbor Hudson. But Amy’s quick to call out that the Hudson Valley has its share of stylish spots as her former city home. Enjoy her guide to the area’s most aesthetically pleasing eats, antiques, and lovely boutiques. Wouldn’t you trust the taste of someone who creates such spaces like this? We’ll let Amy take it from here.


You arrive Friday, first thing to do is grab an early dinner at Lil Debs. This spot is so much fun. Funky interiors, fantastic food. You can tell the team at Lil Debs loves to work together and they serve up some of the tastiest, original dishes in the Hudson Valley. The South American inspired flavors are so surprising and delightful. I could eat there every night. The place is tiny, dressed in fun neon colors with the most playful descriptions on the menu. It’s an overall delight to the senses.

Grab a nightcap after at Rivertown Lodge. These guys teamed up with the incredibly talented design team, Workstead, as well as a handful of local woodworkers and artists to create one of my favorite interiors upstate. The building itself was once a movie theater and you can still see the history in exterior’s architectural bones. The design is unique, modern, and inviting with style that’s hard to pinpoint (which I love). Friday to Tuesday evenings their intimate bar and restaurant is open for dinner or drinks, and they transform the lobby into brunch seating during the weekends.


It’s a great day to pop into shops! Start the day by treating yourself to all natural spa worthy skin care from 2note. Darcy and Carolyn, the couple that run this beautiful skin care lab, are two of the kindest people in town—and their products are incredible. They have combined their passion for skin care and music (two of my favorite things as well) in this gorgeous bright and clean space that smells like heaven and really soothes the senses. My home is now enriched by 2note products from my dish soap to my shampoo to my face oil, and it feels good to not only support these incredible humans but to have natural sustainable products in my home, which I truly believe make it a more considered, authentic space.  

From there you must check out Fern. When you enter this shop, it has a quietness that lingers. Each vignette and item in the space has its own moment and room to breath. The light is beautiful, and the furniture is breathtaking. My dad is a carpenter and growing up around his work gave me such an appreciation for handmade pieces. Jason Roskey, who designs and creates the furniture in this space is a true artist. If I had to pick a favorite, this shop is the one. Don’t miss it.

Next up, if it’s cold out, pop into Talbott and Arding for a cup of bone broth and a focaccia to-go. They also have great provisions. If you’re going to be snacking later grab some cheese, crackers and a few ginger snaps. You won’t be sorry.

While you’re on this side of Warren (the main street in Hudson), The Mercantile, just off the beaten path on Allen Street, is a spacious vintage warehouse with plentiful finds. I like a good treasure hunt and this spot has so many hidden treasures.

Now it’s time to make your way to the other end of Warren for the contemporary, minimal home goods wonderland, Hawkins New York. Hawkins is proof that small town living doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the cutting-edge trends of Manhattan. The space is reminiscent of my California homestead, it’s cozy, modern, and colorful. My favorite picks here are their delicious linen bedding, their array of colored candles (I love the beeswax camel color but always consider the rich burgundy as well) and their gorgeous lanterns. I have two in the entryway of my own home with battery powered candles so they safely light my way when I get home late.

Another on my must see list is Ornamentum. When I first popped into this shop I wasn’t sure if it was a jewelry store or a gallery, which is a testament to the unique way they showcase their pieces. The space feels like an art exhibit, with the jewelry laid out in sparkling cases or hung and displayed on a white backdrop. Ornamentum co-directors Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann find one-of-a-kind jewelry artists from all over the world and combine them under one roof. From delicate and minimal to sculptural and avant-garde, each piece is truly wearable art.

Now the last thing you need to do is dash into The Hudson Wine Merchants. You can’t miss their pink neon sign.  Say hi to the owner Michael, who is a total gem and is responsible for the incredible selection that keeps me a sane woman living in a small town, grab a bottle of red and head back to your Airbnb or room at Rivertown Lodge.

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